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Thursday, April 29, 2010

The NBA Playoffs: An Update

That's Joe Johnson of the Atlanta Hawks. Joe Johnson is a franchise killer, a canker on the heel of your team, and a locker room virus that has no cure. Joe Johnson is playing for a new contract somewhere next year. Joe Johnson will sign with somebody for a maximum deal next year worth well over 100 million dollars. Such is life in the 2010 NBA.

Currently Joe's team is being outplayed and outcoached by Scott Skiles and the undermanned Milwaukee Bucks. Although I didn't see this coming (see my predictions a couple blogs below), it's sure as hell fun to watch. There's nothing better than watching a bunch of immature, talented blowhards self-implode and go down in flames to a less talented, hard-working team. Love it. I swear this team started going downhill when Coach (and I use that term loosely) Mike Woodson inexplicably shaved his eyebrows midseason. Pure comedy. Here's my worry though. The Bucks beat Atlanta, only to roll over for the Magic who win in four straight. Then the Celtics, who are old but experienced, give the Cavs a battle and force a six or seven game series. We'd then see a rested Magic team taking on a Cavs team that is coming off a hard-fought series with the Celts. I worry too much.

On the other side we have some really interesting battles taking place. The Ok City Thunder are actually pushing the Lakers a bit, which is a surprise. No worries, there's no way LA loses this one. Denver and Utah are fun to watch because the Nuggets are as dysfunctional as Atlanta. Same story too. They're getting outcoached and outplayed by the Jazz. Phoenix is up 3-2 on Portland, but I have zero faith in this team because of their terrible defense. No way they get past the next round. Finally, we have the Mavs and the Spurs. The Mavs have a nust-win game in San Antonio and if you don't watch this one you're not a real basketball fan. And what did I tell you about Dirk Nowitzki? No team with him as their go-to guy will win a championship. Dude tightens up in the clutch, what can I tell you? The Big Weiner Schnitzel just can't get it done when it counts.

So, here's hoping for the Cavs, Spurs, Bucks and Jazz all to advance. I couldn't care less about the other teams. And oh yeah I'll say it again. LeBron ain't goin' nowhere.

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Imagine waking up and seeing this on ESPN. I look like I'm having a stroke back there. Good Lord.

Imagine waking up and seeing this on ESPN. I look like I'm having a stroke back there. Good Lord.

3:30 AM, after the Louisville game.

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